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XtraMedia is a full-service digital marketing agency built for bringing local business to the 21st century. Partnering with clients to drive their target business outcomes with our best-in-class network of video producers, animators, designers, Illustrators, Software Engineers, and Internet Marketers.  XtraMedia's Clients utilize our websites which act as a digital base of operations for their company. 

Thanks to our unique combination of dedicated human specialists & a flexible enterprise-level technology structure, we have been able to mold websites to fit the needs of businesses from all industries & locations.

We are considered creative leaders by many in our space because of our rapid growth and innovations. Whatever the market conditions or current trends, you will always find XtraMedia leading the way to help our customers gain competitive business advantages and stay ahead of the curve.



Founded in 2016, BizzHero has rapidly grown to become a leader throughout the web hosting industry.

BizzHero is a leader in high-speed cloud Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, and VPS Hosting. Built using proprietary technology, BizzHero operates a private cloud with solid state drives, high availability bandwidth, and powerful Intel processors. Customers enjoy increased page load and 99.99% uptime with LiteSpeed web server and MariaDB.


NameBrothers (Now Apart of BizzHero)

NameBrothers was a Website Hosting Provider based out Andrew's hometown in Pontiac, Illinois.
Powering over 1,000 websites throughout The United States & The United Kingdom.
Which Later became a branch of


SmartResponse Solutions (Retired)

SmartResponse Solutions was Andrew's first business venture! SmartResponse Solutions was an Auto-Response SMS messaging service. It was Andrew's first major professional achievement. It was the first step into the rest of his professional future. "Without SmartResponse Solutions, I would not be where I am at today!" -Andrew

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