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Over the past five years, I have found that most businesses struggle with using online tools to gain customers. Some local business owners ultimately give up on online advertising as a whole. This is a MAJOR problem for their business growth potential and long-term success. Some business owners decide to have a "web designer" to create a website for them. Which shows promise, but the only problem is most designers are not equipped to create a custom solution that fits that businesses needs. Not to mention that most designers have no background in marketing.


Some business owners try seemingly-simple website builders like Wix or Weebly only to discover it's not so easy.. So they end up with a website that looks like a child decided to dip their hands in paint, and play patty-cake. Which only makes their business seem "unprofessional" and "cheap" in the eyes of their potential customers. A few businesses reach out to web development firms, or project managers and get a quote for a "custom solution". The only problem being the entry-level fee for professional websites usually ranges from $10,000 - $25,000 which is a pretty penny for any single business decision, especially when most businesses have been doing the same thing for plenty of years. This is why most business owners aren't willing to take that bet, and neither should you. The Reason being, most of these so-called "professionals" use licensed proprietary technology, wrongfully, and may even put your business at risk.


So that's why I started with one simple goal: Build a comprehensive guide that walks business owners through all aspects of online marketing. Using the toolbox I've acquired with my experience at XtraMedia. Providing business owners with not only the know-how but the online tools that they can use to bring them more customers and help manage those new customers.

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